Max Impact?

Max Impact?

Partnership with Government and Elected Officials:

MAX has developed a collaborative and proactive relationship with government officials to facilitate provider input on public policy which impact services for the individuals MAX members support.

Business Collaboratives:

MAX can provide cost effective opportunities for members such as resource sharing and group purchasing.


One of the greatest benefits MAX provides is the opportunity to meet regularly with peers to discuss and resolve critical issues facing your agency. Networking provides opportunities such as mergers and joint ventures to enable your agency to provide the most cost effective, state of the art supports.

Staff Training:

MAX and Harcum College have developed a partnership in which Harcum College will provide training opportunities to MAX members in areas of health, psychology, disabilities and business. Additionally, through this agreement, MAX members will also have exclusive access to Harcum’s internship program to assist in cultivating the future workforce.

Discussion Forums:

MAX provides a forum for providers to share ideas, best practices, areas of expertise and philosophies while respecting the unique culture of each agency.

Max Website:

MAX website provides many useful features for members such as; a shared training calendar, a directory of MAX members, a “members only section” with exclusive information and much more!


MAX provides education and information to elected officials through panel discussions and meetings with providers, family members and individuals.

Operational Excellence:

MAX provides exclusive forums such as leadership and HR sessions, speakers at monthly meetings, and various committee activities to assist members with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

Civic Engagement:

MAX promotes the acceptance of people with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders and drug and alcohol involvement as full participants in their communities through such initiatives as voter registration and education sessions.