Committes & Officers

Conference Committee Chairs

Thad Campbel, Ken-Crest

Advocacy & Policy Committee Chairs

M. Christopher Tabakin, Melmark
Gerry Gonzalez, Child Guidance Resource Centers

Montgomery County

Karen Bitting, Hedwig House

Term Ends: June, 2015

Delaware County

Carol Oliver, Devereux

Term Ends: June, 2014

Chester County

Christi Hilliard, KenCrest

Term Ends: June, 2015

Bucks County

Dave Crosson, Indian Creek Foundation

Term Ends: June, 2014


Deb Kunsch, ALTEC

Term Ends, June 2015


Christi Hilliard, KenCrest

Term Ends: June, 2014


William Myers, MCES

Term Ends: June, 2015


Paul Coleman, LifePath

Term Ends: June, 2014

Developmental Disabilities Committee Chairs

Rita Mandik, KenCrest Services
Term Ends, June, 2015

Thomas Graham, Step By Step
Term Ends, June, 2014

Recruitment & Retention Committee Chair

Karen Bitting, Hedwig House

Behavioral Health

Assists members with issues specific to behavioral health services and supports.

Advocacy & Policy

Assists members in educating elected officials about issues of importance. Keeps members aware of impactful legislative action. Increases awareness of both staff and consumers of the importance of civic engagement and voting.


Plans and organizes the annual MAX conference.

Developmental Disabilities

Assists members with issues specific to developmental disability services and supports.

Recruitment & Retention

Assists members in developing strategies to attract and retain qualified personnel and to enhance the image of the Direct Support Professional.

Behavioral Health Committee Chairs

Shari VanderGast, Central MH?MR

Term Ends, June 2015


Brad Barry, CGRC

Term Ends: June, 2015